What is a Kem?

A Kem is a recognized person of the traditional Kemetic society.  The identity of a Kem is not determined by birthright, birthplace, bloodline, or political establishment. A person can be considered a Kem based on their values,ifestyle and their devotion to evolving towards the World of the Gods/Neteru. One must have a relentless dedication to living by the principals of perfection represented by the Perfect Model and the Code of Human Behavior mapped out  77 Commandments. To achieve such perfection is to live in harmony with all things in existence that promote the balance and perpetuate life.

"The course of our evolution as a species is clearly traced: from everything that affects the becoming of existence, only Gods have succeeded in captivating our attention. These Gods agreed to lift the curtain from some aspects of the world they live in. They agreed to teach us values that are necessary for the harmonious becoming of anything that exists.  It is now up to us to try to understand their history."
(Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, The Philosophy Podium: A Dogon Perspective)