House of Khepra - An organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Kem culture through classes, lectures, and workshops to assist humanity in reclaiming the essential traditional knowledge for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Kemetic Spirituality and Science

There is an ongoing debate regarding the validity of science vs spirituality, but what the common modern scholar tends to overlook are the ancient traditional societies who do not separate the two. Science is allows one to gain a better understanding of spirituality and vice versa. In the Kemetic tradition, we go by technical knowledge vs faith. The is no need to believe when there is proof. 


Dance Music & the Artistic side of Spirituality

All throughout the world, we see traditional cultures use drums and other instruments to create vibrating beats and rhythms for the purposes of celebration, ceremonies, rituals, various forms of worship, healing, spiritual work and more. In many cases, the Gods/Neteru may require certain types of music to be played to allow one to interact and receive blessings and gifts. 


House of Khepra


I came across the knowledge about 3 years ago when I met Z'Ankhu Ziaweet. I can only say that it has truly given me tremendous insight on how to navigate the unnatural obstacles of life caused by colonialism. My relationships with my children have improved and so has my health thanks to the knowledge that I have aquired.

T. N. J.

Before I started my initiation, my health was declining, I was struggling financially and I was a single parent. It has been about 2 years since I embarked on this spiritual journey and the Kemetic ideologies have helped me learn how to manage stress, become a better parent, build myself up spiritually, and develop a better understanding of my purpose in life.

L. J.

I come from a very religious family and I always had questions about our religions and way of life that really didn't seem to make sense. I came across a video on facebook that led me to get to know Z'Ankhu and Talaya, and the level of knowledge that they bring as a couple has benefit me in more ways that I can explain. I'm really looking forward to furthering my knowledge on Kemetic culture and spirituality. 


Harmonizing and Healing with Nature

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